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I knew I could call Swipe For Lives at any time knowing they would respond with swiftness as well as prepared with a solution to whatever I threw their way. We had used other credit card processing services in the past and never received this kind of valuable treatment. I thank you for all you do and have done for us. I’d recommend Swipe For Lives to anyone for your exemplary services, their enthusiasm, and caring attitude to help a business to grow and succeed.

Melanie McGuire

“Switching to Swipe For Lives couldn’t have been easier, with Amy’s help. Our small business enjoys the personalized service and the one on one customer assistance. Thanks for everything!

Molly O'Malley

Odyssey Salon & Spa

Swipe For Lives has awesome customer service. They are always quick to respond to all our questions and to cater to our business’s specific needs.”

Erin Huttle


Swipe For Lives has exceptional customer service. Anytime we have problem with one of our credit card terminals or a question regarding our account, we get a resolution immediately. It could not have been a better transition from our old processor. We are saving approximately $1500 each month! Loving the low flat rate pricing that we were given. Very easy to read statements. Overall, we have nothing but great things to say about our experience! I would highly recommend them to anybody that accepts credit cards. You won’t be disappointed!!

Lynne Krause


Nineteen months ago I was homeless. There was an honesty and wholesomeness in his eyes that I have never seen since I have been in Atlantic City. He did not know me. He treated me as a person, not a homeless bum. That night began a friendship that is unbreakable. This man is the founder of the charity Swipe for Lives. He taught me to believe in myself and lower my walls and let someone in again. I began to see the beauty in humanity again. He gave me a job and a home. This man became my friend, mentor, and angel. He saved my life. And for this life I have now, this second chance I was given, I thank Swipe for Lives and will be eternally grateful.

Randi B

“I am very pleased to say that working with Merchant-One for my credit card processing has been good for my business. No need to worry about my rate, they gave me the lowest rate. I have the best processing company working for me!

Bobbie Schwab

Neffsville Flowers

We are very pleased with their customer service. They are always ready to help and answer questions.

Kermit, KC, & Melissa

Lancaster Paint & Glass

I am extremely pleased since switching to Merchant One Payment Solutions, not only did I save money with lower fees but the help is extraordinary. The turnover from our last processor was so easy, they took care of everything- it was handled with just a couple of phone calls and all in ONE day! Also, I can call, email, and speak directly to my rep and if she can’t fix the situation then she gets someone who can in a timely manner. We’ve never had a problem that wasn’t fixed the same day. We get next day funding, faster than our last processor, and the client website is easy to follow and use. I generally use it to print statements, but the website is more helpful than I use it for! Overall, we are very happy with Merchant-One, we have no reason to complain about anything! We would recommend this processing company to anyone looking to save money or who are in need!

Jade Ford

Sturbridge, MA

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